You will notice right off the bat, this is Not your usual forum!  It is not a cookie cutter 'Big Business' forum website.  Currently, 4x4FORUM.net is a 1 man operation and that will change soon after it starts!  It is too large for just one person to run.  I built this website and forum for all the 4x4 and 4x2 Off-Road Truck and Jeep Enthusiasts.  The forum is very thorough, covering in detail for decades past to current year, every truck manufacturer and their different models that I am aware of.  Some manufacturers have had more models throughout the years/decades and in this forum, there is an option for every one of those makes and models, hopefully!  I really do not want to spend any more time adding any more manufacturers or models! (lol)


     The goal is to start 4x4 in middle March of 2016.  Another goal is to make 4x4FORUM.net one of the largest (4x4 Off-Road) communites of individuals that can return again and again to ask questions and also to help out other people who are looking for a little help with some of their questions about 4x4 and 4x2 Trucks and Jeeps.  In addition, the forum allows everyone to upload their 4x4 photos and tell their stories and projects or just chat if that is what people would like to do.  


     4x4 is my first 'Large' forum and it will take a little bit of time to learn (quickly?) how to run and build a forum (a community of people that feel like 4x4FORUM.net is a website (forum) that offers them everything that a forum should provide).  As with any forum, there are rules and policies to make things run as good as possible for the majority.  If no rules and policies, the forum will not be a place that anyone would want to visit!  So, while this is a brand new forum and needs people to register for free and build a community of happy 4x4 / 4x2 Truck and Jeep enthusiasts, it is essential to identify the bad individuals and move them on and keep building a community of good people. Your feedback about rules and policies will not be taken lightly and I will commuicate as effectively as possible to the community about the forum or any other part of 4x4FORUM.net